SharePoint 2013 – Installing

Service Accounts

Always use domain service accounts or certain functionality won’t work correctly in SharePoint.

Installing Account

The account installing SharePoint (usually named SPFarm) must have the following rights;

  • dbcreator in SQL
  • securityadmin in SQL
  • local administrator on any SharePoint server

There is also a DBA based deployment available where the SQL Administrstot creates the database. This is recommended if you don’t want the GUID at the end of the database name.

SQL Alias

You should always use a SQL Alias for SharePoint in case you need to move the SQL database to another server. You can add a SQL alias using the cliconfig.exe (both 32bit C:\Windows\sysWOW64 and 64bit C:\Windows\System32 need to be configured for SharePoint)

Changing the AdminContent database name

Changing the SharePoint_AdminContent database name